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The MCRD Museum is accessible for people with disabilities.  Parking in front of the museum is flat.  It is an approximately 20 foot walk from disabled parking to the entrance of the museum.  An elevator is available for all visitors.  Public restrooms have handicapped stalls. The museum is large and requires a lot of walking, but benches are placed throughout the museum for visitors to rest.  The Museum does not have wheelchairs or scooters. 


We suggest you allow at least one hour to view the entire museum. Visitors are welcome of course, to spend a shorter or longer amount of time to view the museum exhibits.


visiting information

The public may visit the MCRD Museum subject to base access procedures.  Gate days and hours of operation are subject to change, especially around holiday weekends. Please read the 'Information for All Visitors' section below completely. For information on gate hours and for questions about base access please contact the Provost Marshal's Office (PMO) at (619) 524-4200 or (619) 524-4202.

directions to the mcrd museum

driving directions

Directions to Gate 5

Exit the Interstate 5 Freeway at the Washington Street exit.  Head west, crossing Pacific Coast Highway.  Continue on Washington Street, straight into Gate 5 of MCRD. 

Once through Gate 5, curve right onto Belleau Wood Ave.  Make a left at the stop sign, onto to Cuba Ave.

Building 26 will be on your left; a red 'Command Museum' sign will be on the grass in front of the building.  Parking is available in front of the museum or behind the museum.  Enter the building through the double doors underneath the American and Marine Corps flags. 

Directions to Gate 4

Exit the Interstate 5 Freeway at the Old Town Ave. exit.  At the stop sign at the end of the off ramp, continue straight onto Hancock St.  At the next stop sign, turn right onto Witherby St.  At the stop sign, continue straight.  Continue straight after you reach one more stop sign.  This will put you at Gate 4. 

Once through Gate 4, stay on the right-hand curve.  At the stop sign at the top of the hill, turn right, then take an immediate right down the curve.  This puts you onto Belleau Wood Ave., which is the road in front of the museum.   Make your first left onto Cuba Ave., and then turn right into the museum parking lot.  You will see a red 'Command Museum sign.  Enter the building through the double doors underneath the American and Marine Corps flags. 

Public Transit

MCRD is located between the Old Town Transit Center and the Washington Street Trolley stop.   The city bus (the 10) stops at Pacific Highway before the trolley stop.   All visitors must show a valid government issued ID.

Walking or Cycling

Walkers or Cyclists may enter MCRD after showing a valid government issued ID.  Contact the Provost Marshal's office at (619) 524-4200 or (619) 524-4202 to inquire about gate hours and which gate to enter through.

Information for ALL Visitors

All visitors must show valid government issued identification.  The MCRD Museum is located on a Federal Installation; all Federal Laws apply on MCRD, including laws against the possession of marijuana.  Weapons and illegal substances of any kind are prohibited.  Your person, your possessions, and your vehicle is subject to search. 

All drivers may be asked to show a valid driver's license, proof of vehicle insurance, and proof of vehicle registration at the gates or at the Pass and ID Center.

The Pass and ID Center issues day passes to visitors who wish to visit the museum and do not posses an Active Duty, Reserve, Dependent, or Retired Military ID card. Days and hours of the Pass and ID Center are subject to change.  Call (619) 524-4200 for information.

To get to the Pass and ID Center, exit the Interstate 5 Freeway at the Washington Street exit.  Head west, crossing Pacific Coast Highway.  Just past the railroad tracks, on your right-hand side, is the Pass and ID Center. After you receive your pass, exit the parking lot and  turn right, which puts you straight into Gate 5 of MCRD. 

All visiting groups must pre-register with the G-3 Operations Office aboard MCRD, at least one week prior to visiting.  Call (619) 524-8828.  NOTE:  a family or group of friends is not considered a 'visiting group.' Visiting groups refer to schools, youth organizations such as Boy and Girl Scouts, non-profit organizations, private companies, military units, etc.

 mcrd museum

Physical Location:  Day Hall, Bldg. 26

Mailing Address:    1600 Henderson Ave., Ste 112

                               San Diego, CA 92140-5000

Main Phone Line    (619) 524-6719

Email Address:

important information:  base access procedures have changed

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