President of the Board Message to Members and Supporters

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President of the Board Message to Members and Supporters


     The Board of Directors of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego Museum Foundation join me in extending heartfelt best wishes to all during this challenging period. For those experiencing tragic loss and or financial hardships, please accept our sincere condolences. As our Nation responds to the COVID-19 threat, rest assured that the meaningful work of your — our — Museum Foundation continues without respite.

     The indefinite closure of our Command Museum and postponement of nearly all Museum Foundation events began on March 12, 2020. Nevertheless, our Foundation continues to help protect Marine Corps history in San Diego while also promoting that history with programs that positively impact Marines, all servicemembers, veterans, Gold Star Families, youth, and members of the greater Marine Corps family. Moreover, our Foundation remains a viable and relevant source of support for Marine Corps Recruit Depot — San Diego/ Western Recruiting Region; providing meaningful services to Marine Corps recruits, Marines, and Sailors for which the Command cannot use appropriated funds.

     Our gainfully employed Staff and hourly workers primarily fulfill their respective duties remotely, with support from key volunteers. The effort previously required for hosting events is now committed to other meaningful Foundation activities to include the development of new initiatives. Indeed, our entire Foundation Team is working to identify and aggressively pursue emerging opportunities to support the Command Museum and its many programs. Programs and endeavors currently underway include: providing free and disposable reading materials for recruits to enjoy during quarantine periods; collection and distribution of morale messages to recruits; annual education scholarship awards for members of the Command (applications are currently open to enlisted Marines, Sailors, and their dependents assigned to the Depot and the Western Recruiting Region); annual awards program for Recruiters and Drill Instructors; improvements to the Museum building and its historical displays; as well as, Marine Corps history training support.

     As many know, the training schedule for every recruit at the Depot traditionally includes four hours of instruction from our Docents in the Command Museum. Our Docents continue to support the education and training of all recruits at the Depot, through a video teleconference teaching capability. Most Docents are combat veterans and all of them have meaningful Marine Corps experience. Our Docents volunteer to teach Marine Corps history while frequently adding anecdotes from their own personal experiences in many of the same historical events recruits study. Finally, our Docents clearly demonstrate to recruits that the earned title “Marine” is a lifelong honor.

     The Museum Foundation is helping the family members and loved ones of recruits see and (as best possible during COVID-19 protective measures) experience the joy as well as pride associated with Recruit Graduation Ceremonies. Videos of every Recruit Graduation Ceremony at Marine Corps Recruit Depot — San Diego are available for viewing on our Foundation’s website.

     Our Foundation’s Online Museum Store is operating and offers a wide array of gifts, clothing, mementoes, and useful products for every member of your family. Our website also offers online sales of Recruit Platoon Graduation Photos and Recruit Graduation Books. All of the products in our Online Museum Store are in compliance with U.S. Marine Corps logo and trademark requirements. Our Marine Corps emblem, Battle Color, and Marine images remind us all of the very best of our Nation and its people. Remember that all the profits from our Online Museum Store, as well as the sales of Recruit Platoon Photos and Recruit Graduation Books, support the Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego Command Museum and its many community outreach programs.

     The Foundation Staff and Board of Directors are maintaining contact with our members as well as the individuals and groups that benefit from the Museum programs that our Foundation supports, to include Gold Star Families and veterans. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our Staff or a member of our Board of Directors, if we can be of assistance to you and your family.

     You can help our Foundation most by taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. Please remain safe, stay healthy, and continue to make a positive impact upon those around you. Plan to visit the Museum after it reopens and attend one of our many Museum Foundation events when they resume. Please remember that the support programs mentioned above continue (despite the closure of the Museum and postponement of our events) and the proceeds from our online store, membership renewals, and donations collectively defray the costs of these programs. Consequently, if you have a reason to shop, please make purchases with our Online Museum Store. Also, please take the time to visit our website in order to renew your membership or join our Foundation or make a donation that supports our many programs. Your support of our Foundation helps us to help others.

     When the COVID-19 threat subsides, currently postponed Foundation events, programs, and activities will resume safely and appropriately. Equally important, our Foundation will execute new capabilities and programs currently under development. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for helping to make possible the meaningful work of our Museum Foundation.

Semper Fidelis,
Paul H. Atterbury

President, Board of Directors

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